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Protect your Employees with an Emergency Response Plan.

Our programs help prepare your employees and managers on how to recognize the signs of potential violence and how to take action.


If a gunman opened fire in your building right now,

We have trainings designed for small organizations and individuals who do not require or receive onsite training.

Active Shooter training’s can save lives

Active Shooter training's can save lives. If you are interested in AsSRT coming into your schools,...

A Mother’s Message on Safety

As a mother, I have spent countless hours lying awake at night imagining how I should prepare for,...

Domestic Violence is horrific.

Domestic Violence is horrific. AaSRT seeks to help empower women through our self defense / safety...

Here is a tip to keep kiddo’s safe on Youtube!

Quiet YouTube Add the word “quiet” in front of any youtube video’s url, and you will be taken to a...

Constant Complainers in the Work Place

At some point in their career many employees become disillusioned, mad or even very upset about...



Hospitals have a deep responsibility to care and protect their patients and employees which requires us to train for all potential risks. This program provides the theoretical and hands on training that can help staff save their own life and those of coworkers and patients. This training will generate discussion around the dinner table on how to keep yourself safe if you are ever in the horrible situation where you need to fight for your life and give you tips on how to avoid being in that situation.

- Chris Callahan

VP Human Resources, Exeter Health Resources


Thank you for speaking at the New Hampshire Safety & Health Conference. Your presentation on WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF DRUG USE was very well received by our attendees.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting the attendees at the Conference and that you will consider returning in the future as a presenter in your area of expertise. If you have any ideas for breakout sessions for 2019, please let us know. We will begin planning in a few months.

We have reviewed and tabulated the feedback that was provided by attendees. We recognize that attendee feedback is as vital to you as it is to us, so I have enclosed a summary of the evaluations from your session for your review.

On behalf of the Board, Conference Committee, and Staff at the National Safety Council of NNE, we thank you again for your support in this year’s conference!

-Comments from National Safety Council of Northern New England