Active Attacker: Basic

1 to 2 hours
Instructor: Lou Chatel Jr.

Active Attacker: Basic is a “hands on” training course is focused on delivering self defense strikes to vital areas of an attacker. In combination with Women’s Safety Training, this class is effective in providing “Awareness” and “Response Training” and recommended for high school ages and above.

Unfortunately there may be times that you are not able to avoid violence. In fact, unless you are expecting it, sudden violence can temporarily overload your mind and body, cause panic similar to being frozen in place or like a deer in the headlights. Knowing this and how to overcome it under extremely stressful conditions may be the only thing that prevents you from being seriously hurt or worse.

Studying martial arts can take years to prefect. Knowing a simple acronym and learning the techniques can be practiced over and in over in your head anytime and available whenever you want to practice it.

Here at AaSRT, we not only teach you how to defend yourself, we start off by teaching you the most important part of your safety, your ability to detect violence before it happens using Situational Awareness.

AaSRT instructors also offer a 2 hour Women’s Safety class using the ETGSK concept. This training practices actual hands on self-defense techniques, interactive training on how not to look like a target and easy victim as well as using a Kubotan key chain.

Please check our website for upcoming dates in your area.

All Classes Include:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Simulation Drills
  • Handouts
  • Practice Session
  • Time for Questions & Discussion