A Mother’s Message on Safety

As a mother, I have spent countless hours lying awake at night imagining how I should prepare for, respond to, and recover from an act of violence that could effect my two girls. Playing out scenes in which I need to protect them during an everyday errand at the bank or grocery store. How I would react if an intruder waited for my husband to leave for work before entering my home. Discussing school safety with my sweet baby in a way that won’t terrify her, and how to help her recover emotionally from the possibilities that terrify her mother.

I can only imagine that every parent has these thoughts, but we push them aside or become distracted from them as we care for the everyday routine needs of our children, comforting ourselves with the idea that terrible things will never happen to us. I pray and beg that they never will, but that will not stop me from training my inner mama bear to recognize a threat and react with the skill and speed necessary to protect my babies. What would you do?

It is that fierce instinct that led me to AaSRT. Awareness and safety response skills are becoming essential, even in our quiet little corner of the world, and not just for the individual. In addition to my own feelings of responsibility towards the safety of my family, I expect my employer to provide a safe work environment for me and my co-workers as well. AaSRT can help you, your employees, or your entire company recognize the many signs of impending violence, prepare to manage a violent situation such as an active shooter event, or identify symptoms of substance abuse. In addition, AaSRT offers facility safety assessments, helping identify gaps in the security of your home or business, and offering support in the management of critical assets.

I have personally found significant value in the women’s safety training and “Escape to get safe” knowledge offered by AaSRT. These two hands on classes have provided me with the skills to manage aggressive behavior from verbal altercation to physical defense. Despite the paralyzing fear of a traumatic or violent event affecting me or my family, I REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM, and will employ every tool and resource available to me in order to stay safe. If you feel the same way and want to ASSERT YOUR RIGHT TO BE SAFE, follow the link below.

For more information or to schedule a training, please email Lou@AaSRT.com or call 603-660-1365