Women’s Safety

2 hours
Instructor: Lou Chatel Jr.

Do you know what predators look for?  Women’s safety training focuses on the awareness of being safe and how not to look like an easy target.

These workshops are designed to educate and empower you, preparing you to be able to assess a potentially dangerous or harmful situation.

Want to schedule a two hour workshop at your workplace?
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Discussion session:

  • How to avoid being a target
  • The “Illusion of Safety”
  • How to handle a confrontation: verbally, mentally, and psychologically
  • The power of body language and non-verbal cues
  • Effective tips on how to be safer and more aware
  • How to recognize a potentially dangerous situation
  • Specific locations: elevators, street, subways, dates, bars, taxis, etc.
  • Learning how to use your voice

Practical session:

  • How, when and where to strike, from head to toe
  • How to handle attacks from behind
  • Escape from grabs and choke holds

For more information or to schedule a training, please email Lou@AaSRT.com or call 603-660-1365.